Chris Derochie

World Animation Masterclass – Chris Derochie: ‘Let’s Get Physical’

This Masterclass will give you an understanding of basic physics as it applies to animation of all styles and will teach you how to internalize physics to take the guesswork out of your animation. This will make planning arcs and complex interactions much easier. Learning how to really feel the physics will allow you to make even otherworldly things physically believable.

There will be a lot of information given in this class and you will be asked to participate physically to help absorb the lessons.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How misconceptions lead to bad animation and bad habits.
  • Test your knowledge (and your misconceptions) – you will take a written physics pre-test
  • The basics of all animation physics – Newton’s 3 laws of motion
  • To hear is to doubt, to see is to be deceived, but to feel is to believe – practical physics exercises
  • How physics is used in VFX animation vs. character vs. pose to pose.
  • How to solve problems before they occur.
  • How and when to bend the rules
  • Using physics principals to define a character – case study – the White Rabbit
  • Transference of energy – how it’s the root of everything we do
  • Collisions – the relationship between force and time – the diver, the boxer and the airbag
  • Collisions and reactions – playing pool
  • Energy and body mechanics
  • Center of Gravity – what it is, how it changes and how vastly important it is to your animation.
  • COG and Inertia – How to use balance and imbalance in your character
  • What can influence your center of gravity – practical exercise
  • Feeling the physics – how acting it out can help you internalise the physics
  • Internalising physics – if you can’t feel it, you can’t animate it believably.

About Chris Derochie

A 30 year veteran of the animation and VFX industries, Chris has gained animation experience in nearly every discipline, format and scope – from traditional animation in large studios like Don Bluth Studios and Walt Disney Studios, to animation for small productions, television, games, products and advertising. He has been a writer, director, storyboard artist, pre-vis artist, studio owner, and actor.

Alongside his professional career, Chris has spent over 10 years teaching at animation schools and colleges including Animation Mentor, the Animation Workshop in Denmark. Chris has also been a guest lecturer in a number of schools, including Ballyfermot College in Dublin, Ireland and the Vancouver Film School.

Chris is currently the Head of Animation at Zoic Studios in Vancouver, where he supervises animation for all episodic productions including Once Upon A Time, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland and Falling Skies. Chris also oversees animation on Zoic’s feature productions including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the upcoming Hidden for Warner Bros. Chris has earned 2 Emmy Award nominations for his work on Stargate Universe and Falling Skies, and a VES award nomination for Falling Skies.

 Chris also owns Cobblestone Media which produces children’s book apps that are designed to help children to develop their imagination and visualization skills through electronic books that incorporate stunning visuals and classical animation.

As a writer, Chris has been working on a book of advanced animation techniques entitled, “Give My Creation Life!” He has also been writing a fantasy novel series for over 13 years.

Chris’ VFX Demoreel:

Chris’ 2D Animation Reel:

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