Eamonn Butler

World Animation Masterclass – Eamonn Butler: ‘On the Animation and VFX Industry’

Eamonn will be demystifying the world of VFX Animation by asking what it’s like to work as an animator in VFX compared to Feature animation?

Technology and its role in VFX Animation

Eamonn will discuss the use of technology in VFX animation using realistic facial animation examples from John Carter as a case study to illustrate the use of capture and keyframe techniques.

The Story curve!

He will discuss his thoughts on the curve editor and its place in your workflow.

Getting a job in animation …..and keeping it!

Eamonn has built animation departments at a number of studios including Disney, Double Negative and Cinesite and has reviewed thousands of showreels over the years. He will talk about the things he’s learned that’ll help you get that job and turn it into a career!

About Eamon Butler

Eamonn Butler is currently the head of animation at Cinesite, London.

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