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World Animation Masterclass - Jason Ryan and Ken Fountain: “How To ‘Solve’ your Animated Acting Performance”

Difficulty forming ideas for an animated acting performance? Does the sight of the “blank canvas” scare the heck out of you? Do you fail to properly plan? Are you stuck on your own creative comfort zone? Are you still not confident in your ability to interpret video reference? simplify your idea? push your poses? communicate believable thought and emotion? make your audience say “wow”? You may want to check out this class!

Jason Ryan (Disney, DreamWorks, iAnimate.net) and Ken Fountain (DreamWorks, SplatFrog.com, iAnimate.net) will be teaming up to present a full day of demo and discussion, comparing and contrasting their methods for creating energetic and entertaining animation. Together they will explore detailed ways to plan for an acting idea, analyze dialog, capture “informed” live video reference, thumbnail performance beats, find strong story poses and forceful movement, and demonstrate their combined set of workflow methods to help get to you to the most polished, pushed and “wow” inducing performance out of any style of animation you create.

Over an 8-hour day, Jason and Ken will work together to “get inside the character’s head” – finding the right balance between complex emotion, and simple presentation. They will collaborate in front of the camera to capture the essence of the character, and discuss how best to extract all the right elements from the body poses, facial expressions, and overall motion to create just the right emotional “read” as you begin to block your shot.

Then, like duelling pianists, Jason and Ken will finish the afternoon by demonstrating their workflow “best practices” – those individual techniques that give their characters those elusive qualities of physical weight and the illusion of real human thought.

A full day of the full process. Sit back and soak it in, or participate with comments and questions. Either way, you do not want to miss this!

About Jason Ryan:

Jason Ryan was a Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios and now a Supervising Animator at DreamWorks Animation Studios.

After graduating from the European School of Animation (aka Senior College, Ballyfermot), Ireland in 1993, with a student of the year award from Don Bluth (creator of An American Tail & Land Before Time), he started straight in as a 2D animator working on various German feature Productions.

After a brief time in London as an Animator in computer games he got the call from Disney Animation Studios in 1995 to animate on Fantasia 2000 (Tin Soldier segment), Dinosaur (Kron and Carnataur), animation supervisor on Magic Lamp (CG genie in 3D), animation supervisor on Philharmagic (classic Disney characters in CG and 3D), Supervising animator on Chicken Little (chicken little himself).

At DreamWorks Animation SKG, he supervised and animated on Monsters Versus Aliens, Shrek4, Megamind, and Madagascar 3, he also animated on Kung Fu Panda 2, and The Croods.

Jason’s Demoreel:

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